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About Me

I’ve been fortunate to work in some brilliant businesses, big, small and start-up, in varied roles where I learned from generous and clever people. It’s their distilled approach which informs the ethos of ‘Delicate Persuasion’: open, honest, progressive, people-centred


Technology, in some form or other, has followed me around. I started out as a computer programmer and, not being very good, quickly moved into client service, sales and sales management. I sold hardware, software and services as ‘turnkey’ IBM solutions to board-level customers for a number of years. The IBM sales training course has stayed with me to this day.


Seeing the potential of the internet, I founded an early digital agency within an agency, notably helping Ericsson globally launch the very first smartphone, the R380, amongst other innovative products. A brilliant device but maybe too early for even the earliest adopters…


Brands and full-on marketing came next, contributing to agency boards with responsibility for new business development, large clients, growing fees and multi-disciplined teams. I worked on a diverse range of clients looking at projects from pan-European launches to brand re-positioning and retail. And sometimes all 3 at the same time which was interesting, particularly in pigeon French.

Strategic thinking came next and along with it the opportunity to develop my commercial skills. Concentrating on business reinvention and change management, it was fun to work with organisations where a new perspective was required to generate new thinking. And, if you can, I’d recommend developing international relationships as I did given the chance. Not only do you get to share insights and work together in multicultural teams, you may also get to meet Daft Punk (without their helmets).


Along the way I’ve co-founded 4 technology and service businesses, so I understand the fear of starting up and the excitement of the first paid invoice.


Through Delicate Persuasion, I’m translating this experience into helping tech and creative leaders improve their businesses through working to improve their performance. So I’m really interested in where you are, where you want to go and how you want to get there. Or if you’re not so sure, to work with you find out.


Should you wish to, you can find out more ‘about me’ here on linkedin.


But what it won’t tell you is that I play in a covers band, I’m passionate about vintage synthesizers and I listen to far too much 80’s music than is good for me…

Some previous business experience:

It would be great to have the opportunity to chat through any 
thoughts and ideas you’ve had where I may be able to help.