Delicate Persuasion | Services
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Driving improvement


The modular structure of our services framework allows a focus on specific single issues whilst maintaining awareness of the wider context. Together with clients the framework has fixed all sorts of challenges including:


  • diagnosing and distilling down to ‘real’ issues
  • setting and executing a growth strategy
  • improving profitability and productivity
  • looking at service positioning
  • expanding client relationships
  • evaluating board performance
  • planning funding and exit

Built for today’s service businesses


Personal and business strategic development

Questions we answer:


Where are you taking the organisation, why and what do you want to achieve?


What are the limiting factors stopping you?


How aligned are your intentions?


We find out what’s important to you and create a plan for action.

Senior team capability

Questions we answer:


How well aligned is your senior team?


Is there a high degree of competency?


Where are the gaps and opportunities to improve?


We create simplified structures and effective responsibility communications so everyone is synchronised to the key objectives and outputs.


Finding more of your ideal clients

Questions we answer:


How can we create a profile of your ideal clients?


Does our positioning and service portfolio fix a problem for them?


Where is our potential for business growth and profitability?


Existing client base analysis, positioning, messaging, service structure and pitching are pulled together in a business growth plan.

Board-level 1-2-1 
mentoring and coaching

Questions we answer:


Are you and your team equipped for growth?


How well matched are your collective skills to your business ambitions?


Where do you get the personal and team support needed to succeed?


With consistent focus that deals with real-life challenges, tailored sessions create new impetus, confidence and growth for the individual and the organisation.

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